Too young? In perfect health? Nothing to leave? – all well rehearsed reasons as to why you have not got round to making a will. The vast majority of the country’s population do not have a will.

Regardless of your circumstances it is most important to have a will to protect your financial position or rather the financial position for your friends and family. Remember if you do not have a will then your estate will be bound by the law of intestacy. It is not automatic that your spouse and children will inherit your estate although they do have certain rights. Macgregor Thomson is able to provide you with expert advice in drawing up your will. Our link ups with tax accountants can then provide you with a complete guide to all aspects of tax including inheritance tax.

You can make a will at any point in your life however there are certain times when it is best to make a new will, for example:

      when you get married
      when you are co-habiting with your partner
      on the purchase of your new home
      the birth or your son, daughter, granddaughter etc
      a financial change in your circumstances

Regardless of your age, finances or health you should make a will to give you peace of mind that your financial affairs are in order if the worst were to happen – in the same way as we insure our car, property or prized possessions.